My husbands wants divorce but i am not ready.

Hello sir, I am a sikh girl married to sikh guy for one and a half years and also having 4 months old daughter. . he is captain with airlines and i am a graduate working prior to my marriage with IT firm and now a home maker. After few months of marriage we have disagreements on many things,fought several times. He and my inlaws tortured me physically and mentally and always taunted me. They put spying software in my phone and recorded all the conversations for last one year.when i came to knolw about all this conspiracy i left his home in agitation and came back to my parents house.its been more than 3 months that m living here with my daughter. In beteen these 3 months we talked to marriage counsellor about all these for reconcilation and i got ready to compromise for the sake of my daughter. But now he is not willing to take me back and is pressurising me to give him divorce. BUT when i clearly denied him he said he will get converted to islam and will do 2nd marriage... i am so much depressed and having severe trauma about my daughter's future. Please help can he do 2nd marriage if i don't give him divorce ...what will be my rights and my daughter's rights....Please help