Hindu mariage act

Hello me and my husband married in india I converted to hindu shortly before the 2nd mariage and lived in india with my husband 2 yrs before the mariage and had one son together and 9 months after the mariage we maried twice because our first marriage was a civil ceremony and not legal so we maried in hindu ceremony we then moved together to usa after several yrs happy together we had a fight and I left our home to spend time with my mother during the week after I left he filed for divorce in usa the state of alabama while I was in new York I was not properly served with the court proceedings and did not attend court he was granted a divorce on default for the grounds of irevertably brake down m y question is 1.since we were married in india lived several yrs in india together and our mariage registered in india do the rules of hindu mariage act application to us 2.since I didn't go to court and submit to the jurisdiction of the court in Alabama is the divorce decree granted null. 3.if it is how do I tell the court in usa this fact since contempt of court has been filled against me 4.if I need to aply to india court how do I go about it from usa.