Illegally transferring from one autonomous corporation to another

Prior to 1998 KSRTC was one transport corporation. From 1998-2000 three more BMTC,NEKRTC and NWKRTC corporations are formed under section 3 of RTC ACT 1950. Temporarily MD of KSRTC was authorised to depute officers between all these four corporations. All the corporations are headed by an MD, Board of Directors, Vie Chairman/Chairman. All are appointed by the Govt. In WA No1459/2007 during 2013 it is declared that, all these corporations are indepndent and one MD cannot interfere with the functioning of another. Despite therewere inter corporation transfers and effected to to different regions/ juridictions. Wp,s are filed and are pending for final hearing-Wp No 23621/2015. there are other judgments-WP Nos 1718-1720/2009 WP No 4484/2011 dated14.03.2011 and ILR 2011 KAR 2246 . W.A. Nos. 2032-34/2009 disposed on 25.06.2013, WP No 5810/2008 disposed during 12.01.2016. We are mentally harassed, out of job for 14 months. When the case will be on our side what compensation for mental harassment we can claim. Under what procedure. pl inform