Full & final settlement delay

Hi, My Name is Varun.I was working with a Private Limited organisation in Rohtak, Haryana. I left this organisation on 7th july 2016 after serving 7 days notice Period and They confirmed it but in appointment letter the notice period was of 15 days. Now company is not releasing my Full and final amount which is My Salary plus Incentives.I have contacted the company by call they said company will pay f&f after 45 days but this 45 days notice is not mentioned in the appointment letter and now they also said you can't serve the 15 days notice period so we can pay only 15 days salary but in call they said that company will pay salary of last month + 7 days notice period( not inculding non working days). As per my knowledge If company accept my resignation then i am elegible for full & final. incase they are not agree with the 7 days notice period then why they accept it they have to reject my resign and ask me toh serve 15 days notice period. Please let me know if i can take legal action against my company so that i can recover my dues?