Home's outer wall objected by neighbor living opposite

Hello Sir/Madam, my name is Ashish verma i have some conflict with my neighbor living opposite to my home, we made our house 15 years ago and we left little space on road side 4 inch of the length of house for vegetation. Dimension of house according to documents(registry) is length 59" breath 23.6" and area covered by us 15 years ago was length 55" breath 23.6". but now i want to take that 4" of my land into my house boundary and i started building wall but my neighbor show hooliganism to stop wall construction and made complaint on 24 feb 2016 at municipal corporation, and MC gave decision in my favor that building wall is fine and not on road but didn't issued me any approval letter as i was asking again and again, they(MC) said that they don't give letter of approval to anyone. And then my neighbor again made complaint in tehsildar office. tehsildar office has to submit report to MC. And once again it comes in my favor, but receiving of letter of approval from municipal corporation is still pending as they are making unnecessarily delay. Its been more than 6 months i am unable to complete my wall so Apart of that i put RTI on 25 july 2016 to get the hard copy of decision and will get it soon. now i want your suggestion what should i do? after receiving the letter or rti what can i do to complete building of wall. I know when i will start building my wall he will come again to show hooliganism and stop wall construction so plz show me legal way.