Harassment and murder

My frnd got married12 years ago intercaste.her husband used to harass her in these years.he had multiple relations with other women and few cases were seen by.my frnd caught red handed.she is not outspoken due to which husband took advantage.she was told that she will be murdered if she leave him by her husband.her in laws never interfared though but never helped even!after 12 years few days ago while she was attending marriage function in rishikesh with her mother,her husband came and complaint abt her to her mother that she is characterless and even said that she don't even allow him to get physical.her mother got angry and she her.mother with him left for delhi after knwing her daughter has bn facing since long.there on the same they at husband's house they fought and exchanged words and asked them to give her daughter's son who is four year old to their custody.meanwhile husband took him away without informing.mother complaint to police and he was caught after.sometime with his gf along with son at her house.next day daughter's in laws called and requested to get him bailed.mother on the first day was admitted to max.hospital and was there for two days due to heart attack given by in.laws after argument.after two days she was discharged as requested by daughter.it took her one day to lightly recove second day, when in laws came with her husband who got bailed and fought..mother got ill again and they all were requested to come again sometime wen she will b ok.but they didn't leave premises.after few.hours they.left and mother was rushed to metro heart hospital as.she got another heart attack due to them.she was there for six days in icu.during this time hisbands brother came to house while daughter was taking care of mother at hospital and.took his.nephew and called daughter to compromise.she next day went.to station and brother in law was sent to jail.same day both were released.then next day in.laws came.to home.she refused to.open.another next day they again came and made scene in the society that girl is characterless and similar things..they had been kp calling her everyday and harassing that they can.kp survellience as.they have good approach.and threatened girl that they will.not.allow her to go back to.mom's house..again and again.gon fifth day they again came even after giving letter to society secretary.he called girl and informed.she called police and they took them.same day they again called and harassed her.next day they called and girl informed police that still they calling.don't knw.police responded or not but they again keep calling her threatening.mother was not well and.was shifted to max.again.today.mother died and girl is.all alone and unconscious..this is the story.can.you help?