Cheating wife,RCR filed

I am widower wife died on Jan-13, i have 12 years old daughter in this marriage. After my wife's dismissal i married a girl on Oct-13 she also a divorcee having 10 year old daughter. Now i am working in Chennai basically from Kerala. Before this second marriage she was worked as teacher in Kerala and after marriage i arranged a teacher job in good school at Chennai and we settled at Chennai with our two daughters. Our marriage arranged our family members and upto one year our family life was good. But her parents and sister and sister's husband came to our Chennai house and stayed few days. After that her attitude totally changed with me my daughter and my 70 year old father. She always comparing me with her sister's husband (they are well settled) and used bad words to me and my old age father. Her parents and sister's husband also interfering always our family life, one day she left from my house and stayed in a hostel near to my house and continued her job. Before that she shifted her daughter to her native parents house at Kerala and forced to shift my daughter also, she told she cant take care my daughter. But i am not agreed for that, finally i am also shifted my daughter to her grandma. Finally without any information , on April-16 she resigned from her job and vacated from Chennai and settled with her parents. After our continuous request they came for a meeting after 4 months and they not agreed to stay with me at Chennai, she said if i want I want to go to Kerala once in a month if i need. So meeting also failed. I filed RCR at Chennai and awaiting for hearing date. For divorce purpose only I filed RCR, because i know that she never come to Chennai. Kindly advise me as a widower shall i get any merit on filing this RCR and after 1 year if no result come thru this RCR, i planning to file divorce petition. My daughter now living with her grandma at Kerala without getting her parents love and affection. Based on this ground what i want to do to get divorce from my wife. Kindly advise.