can i get a justice on legal/humanitarian ground?

i applied for teachers transfer counseling on the medical grounds i.e. "terminally ill case" through district medical boards certificate on the grounds of commissioners notification. it has been accepted by BO and the DDPI'S office of the district even it has been listed in the counseling list which is conducted on 2011-2012 and also it has been approved by the member of medical board after examining the patient and the past medical history which is conducted at mysore before counseling date. i am about to face counseling, unfortunately my name is canceled for the final list at the last movement. for this injustice, i inquired both mysore and bangalore office, they list bother for answering me. finally i got reply through RTI that this disease "Asthma" does not come under transfer act 2007 & 2011. I found (RTI) the other 3 records of same case has been considered through counseling and our rejected other 6 for other reasons. this matter i brought into the notice of education minister and commissioner. But they have not bother to answer nor given any consideration. i thought to raise legally but the opinion from the lawyer "that is illegal, they may get canceled, u also not get any justice not even on humanitarian". if the authority really concern about the injustice happened to me after several request which i made they would have been considered on such grounds or special consideration on 2012-2013 concealing. sir, tell me common people like me after finishing tenure of 10 years in same school, not get justice to the welfare of my child even on governs recommendation, how can one say the children are the future of our country. i knew that this is a genuine problem of working people but how can the rules differs one to other. My 5 year child is away from me from past 1 1/2 yeas alone with my husband. We are suffering physically, mentally, financially from last 4 years.