Association agm

I have a three bhk flat which was given for rent of 10000 per month plus one month maintenance was 600 from 2011 and recently the company vacated the flat on feb 6 and has been lying vacant since till july 2016.Only recently when i went to settle the dues for maintenance i came to know that the the charges have been raised to 1000.Previously the rules were monthly maintenance 600 and if lying vacant 50 percent of the charges.I am ok with additional maintenance charges of 1000 but now they are saying irrespective of lying vacant or occupied full charges are to be paid along with penalty of 200 per month which i feel is unfair.When i spoke to the president he is saying agm was convened and they passed this rule with a majority.Now my point is a few years back when we requested for covered car parking they asked to pay 10000 and after paying the same they didn't provide the facilities because some of other owners were unwilling to pay and due to which the rental yields has decreased significantly specifically for 3 bhk flat and now lying vacant as many tenants want covered car parking.And now it seems the same majority have passed a rule for full maintenance plus penalty of 200 for 1000 irrespective of occupation which i don't believe.Also how to verify if 65 members indeed passed the rule by majority if the meeting did happen after all. i am willing to pay if indeed they have passed this rule as per law.Is there any way one can verify their claim if such meeting was conducted and if so how to verify if it was passed with majority(owners) as per their claim.I am asking this because they have been several instances of misappropriation of funds in the past.Additionally i would like to clarify that i was not informed of that agm when they passed this rule.Kindly help sir.