5th June 2015 (Friday), married to a girl from a small town, she had a boyfriend which she told me 2 days before marriage and promise me that she will not contact him after her marriage... i thought everyone has his or her past. i said ok.. after marriage only a week which goes alright but sooner she start messaging her on whatsapp i caught her from then issues started she started issue with my family in my home town... and she went back to her town, we dont have any talk or chat till then i live in Delhi belong from varanasi, i want mutual divorce but they are not agree, earlier they had talk that 15 lac which was expense done in marriage (girl side) they want it back we are ok with it but now they are demanding 30 lac then they give divorce, for us 30 lac which is beyond us.. we didn't had done intercourse and not gone for honeymoon too.... no intercourse on first night... they gave us a car (honda brio) but in their name, no ownership of us... when i first meet with the girl i rejected her but due to family pressure my marriage was held... very upset dont know what to do, from her side all are from business family and we are a service class my father getting pension... please help and provide me a solution.