My Wife asks for Maintainence Allowance but not not for Divorce

* My Wife sent me a notice stating me an my mother have been Torturing her for Dowry and i did beat and harass her in-front of outsiders. However My Mother is living Separately for the past 4 years now, i did not beat her as-well. * She has asked only for maintenance for her and my daughter who is 4 years old. She is not asking for Divorcee, and wants 20,000 every month. * She also said i grounded both of them on March 2016. But i did give her money in Hand and i have whatsapp chats , we alos took photos and shared over whats app as-well. * She also said i visited my child in school "1st Page states i grounded, 2nd page states i grounded her" I never visited her home neither my kid at school. * She Also said " That she has filled a case against me in Womens police station " and the police warned me not to do any thing.Also said me and mom abused her over the phone. * Me and wife had a property in our name, we gave the money to our father in-law as he was about a new land for us. How to proove this, bcoz i gave money in bank. * I used to send money to my In law every month via SBI bank , i paid directly to his account (Can we request SBI to give statement) But i was never warned by police to do so , neither i never tried to visit I have proofs that we interacted over whats app after March and we were happy. I would like to visit my daughter, i never want my daughter to be with her at all cost. How to handle this situation. Please advise Thanks, Dinesg