My sister-in-law and her parents are threatening indirectly to file Domestic Violence against us. My brother and sister-in-law are married for almost 3yrs and have a child of 4months. Everything was going well but when my sister-in-law got pregnant we noticed ssome sudden change in her behaviour. From 7th month of her pregnancy she is leaving with her parents, and it has been 9months that she is leaving there. She never contacts me or my family. It is always my parents who contacts her. She neither visiting our house or wants to go with my brother(since 9months). She even kept her baby away form my brother and us. My mother once said her to change her saree as the colour was not looking good on her. So, she continuously says my mother mentally tortures her. (My brother leaves in abroad nearly 8-10months a year due to project work and My sister-in-law and her parents knew it very well and agreed for marriage(arrange marriage). Even her parents visited my brother's office suddenly to investigate about him. My brother basically is settled in karnataka and my parents in west bengal. My sister in law's house is also in the same city where my parents are leaving. My sister-in-law said that she won't ever leave her house and she nd her parents wants my brother to leave us and stay with them. ) My brother and sister-in-law visits our house max twice in a year..for 7-10days maximum. She never cooks, cleans or does any household work in our house but still says she is tortured. but whenever she need money, she contacts my brother and asks. Please suggest what to do?