How to file a divorce case by men

Hello i am 31 year old and my marriage is two year and six month old i have a baby 8 month old , i want divorce from my wife . in lots of things my wife didn't understand me and life she is sharing all things between us and in my family with her mother and then her mother advice what to do or not .she is not taking her decisions . behavior of my mother in low is not gud with me on cellphone ,my wife and her mother using abusing words for me and my family .She picks up fights on small matters with my parests . after my marriage brother of my wife get surgery and she ask me to go to her home for 3 days and she spend around 25 days in dec 30 2015 when i get enter in my home in night my wife and my mother fighting on routine home work like washing cloths etc then i ask for reason my wife pack her bag and call to cousin brother and go to her home and not ask from me and my father about this .she spend 2 month their and then i go to her home and tack her back to my home .now in 2016 26 feb on my wife brother marriage the behaviour of my wife and her family members is not gud with me the says to me in between marriage to get out from hare and then i ask to my wife to get back my home with me she refuse now more then 5 months are left she is at her home and my 8 month baby is with her . now what i can do . my father is retired teacher and 70 years old , i have 2 brother live with me 1st is mentally patient from birth and 2nd is tacking mentally treatment from last 5 years . i have a Small mobile repair outside of my city 90 km i am travailing daily 200 km for to earn money . now i am worring she if she submit Dorry case agaist me i dont have any one behind me to watch my family i have 4 sisters they are all married .from last 5 months i am mentally upset for my future . my 70 yr old father is making food for me and my mother is doing all another work . she dont have care for me and felling for me in her heart what i can do i dont want spoil my all life with that girl who dont have any feeling . plz advice me what to do