Pagdi system

Hi , Can some one please help me for my below query this is for your reference our original landlord was uncle(MAMA) of the our current landlord and the said property was gifted to current landlord with his real Brother , 1] My family is staying in the said premises since 1952, first their was a bungalow and my grandfather was the original TENANT, 2] In the year 1967 the said bungalow was demolished and my grander-father with my full family (Grandmother, my dad, my one uncle & 2 aunties ) were shifted in garage which is located in the same premises with the committed that landlord will give us one room self contain flat in writing, 3] After the above confirmation landlord had build the building and had not kept his promise, 4] My grandfather field case against the landlord the said case had been gone through APX 30 year in which our landlord claim that my grandfather is not his TENANT , after APX 30 year of court case , respected court dismiss the case but mention in their order that y grandfather is the TENANT and ask landlord to convert the said garage in to residential, the said order was pass in the year 5] In the year 2002 my grander father died and we are still staying in the said garage , 6] Now our both landlord are also died , 7] But one of the landlord wife had put a case on us and ask us to vacant the said garage, 8] We have all our documents like passport, aadhar card, ration card, voter Id ,on the same address, 9] Can any one guide us if the landlord can put case on us if she is not on record as both landlord had not make any legal document or given any legal rights of the property to any one, it would be very helpfully for us if some one can guide us