My Bank Has Sent Me Unprofessional Recovery Staff

Hi, i took an unsecured loan last year and had began paying off instalments when sensitive reasons more so for my own safety and health forced my resignation thus leading to my unemployment for a few months. I live in Uganda and just recently got a new job (on probation). I want to repay my loan and also get my self back on my feet financially. Getting a new job was almost impossible because am pregrant and an Account Manager's attitude and rude words and threats had me worried and stressed. I have a low blood pressure condition and soon the doctor was worried how it had gone down so low--it risked the life and health of me and my unborn child. I have been the one showing responsibility, commitment and respect to the bank about my situation while they have chosen to act unprofessionally, a different person calls me each time, they talk rudely, they did not want to put anything in writing, they never gave me a notice, I always take their calls and make sure i record each phone call and keep details of each interaction. The recovery people seem to be part of the bank's Collection team--everyone tells me something different. They have me confused so i googled to find if defaulters, more so cooperative ones who are willing to find a new payment plan have any rights. The bank team has made it seem like i have no options, no rights, and that i should magically raise the amount in a day, hours, or a week. I was forced this week to write generally to the bank because i felt inhumanely treated, disrespected, my privacy has been ignored, the bank team did not want to put anything in record. Last week they gave me a recall letter only for their staff to call me and tell me it's not in effect. They have been playing on my mind and fooling around for months now. I want them to restructure my loan, extend me some time so i am able to pay the loan back and maintain a good relationship with the bank. A few days back i complained via linkedin to a boss in the bank and they seemed surprised this was happening. They asked for my side of the story and told me they are doing an investigation. I am thinking of seeking legal advice and contacting the central bank on how they are treating me. Please advise!