Termination Or Ask To Leave

I was working with one of company from Feb 2006 and during my increment in April 2015 my reporting manager told me that this is your last increment and we can not afford you more then this if you agree then continue your job otherwise chose another option. I have decided to continue my job and told to my reporting manager, but in 24th Sep 2015 HR Manager called me and said you are terminated on integrity ground because your have tortured to your team and demand for gift of your choice in 2013, I talked to my HOD regarding this meter he said if you will give resign to HR they relieve you under ask to leave process instead of termination and you will get two months salary,gratuity, ESOPs and leave encashment etc. I have resigned on 25th Sep 2015 and i was committed that i will get my entire two month salary, September month salary, Leave encashment, ESOPs ,Gratuity with in 45 to 60 days. After four month In Jan 2015 i have received Full and Final Email from HR and i am shocked ! because my two months salary was not mention in it also they did not sent ESOPs vesting form. so i emailed to HR and ask for the same. Now they are saying yours was a termination case (terminated on integrity grounds) and you are not eligible for ESOPs and any other benefits other than Gratuity & PF so as you requested, On Humanity Ground we agreed to pay you till last date and did not impose any penalty or recovery. Please suggest, should i go for legal procedure ??