How to file a complaint against my father

Sir i am 31 year old young guy .living with my father . there are four members in my family . father ,mother ,sister and myself . my father is a irresponsible person. he want to live a life as he wish . he wont listen to our opinion or he dont have any respect towards my mother . for simple reasons he will get angry . every day there is some issue in home . he is a government employee retired person . he wasted all his money .we dont have even a own home .still stay in a rented home . he dint even save any money for my sisters marriage . she is married now . she is in love with a guy and she left home and married him . he dint do any thing for her marriage .. as a brother i spent money from my hard earned pocket . he left home and stayed some where in his native with out even coming for marriage. daily in home he is giving mental torture. his irresponsible behavior is affecting my life.. i cannot concentrate on any thing in my life. i am not expecting any thing from him . only thing i expect is peace of mind . his family is not a good family . 4 people in his family not married . i am scared that he will not allow me to get marry and settle in life. even for my marriage also he dont have any money to spent ..only thing he is giveing us is mental harassment and torture . i dont have any hope that he will find a girl for me to get married . even if i look my self also he wont allow. please what i have to do . i dont want to spent my rest of my life with this kihd of irresponsible father . i tried my level best to make thing better ..but it will not workk out . he wont change and change his behaviour . please tell me what i have to do.