How much wife can claim in Maintenance and Properties

I’m software engineer (working since 2003 in Delhi) and got married on dec, 2007 in panipat and blessed with two daughters, one in june2009 and second in oct2014.elder daughter studying in 2nd class in panipat. She never stayed with me or with my parents (father\brothers house), she always stayed in her parents’ house since 2010 and doing job in panipat (her parents’ house in panipat too) and doing job in panipat.i earn 58k in delhi and my wife earn 10k in panipat. She(wife) filed 2 case against me/my family. 1) Dowry-498/406/505/34- case is running in court, i already spent one day in police station under 498-FIR and my father & two brothers got free in police investigation in this completely fake case. 2) Suit for permanent injection-claiming share in property->case is in court And Now she has sent 4 RTI letters for seeking information of Properties inherited by my father and seems preparing for claiming in Properties on two grounds:- a) Wife can claim in father in law (ancestral properties)? b) Wife can claim on behalf of her kids (as guardian) in their grandfather’s self-purchased properties? Additionally, c) She is also preparing for filling 125 to claim Maintenance against me? How much wife can claim? She earn 10k as computer coordinator ((MSc/mphill/mba) and never gave her salary to me or my parents. and how much i have to pay for her maintenance and children maintenance? Ques: - I’m very disturb, how to save properties inherit by my father's properties? I.e. self-purchased and ancestral agriculture land in my village? What Indian law say about alimony? What others case she can filled? and how much harassment still pending? my elder daughter, 7yrs old, understand my situation, is my daughter's statement value legal in this case? Other info (may be useful-not sure): - I’m working in Delhi since 2003 and have all the docs of Delhi like: ration card (2010), marriage registered in Delhi in 2010, gas connection, passport etc. b)my father & two brothers staying in that house(purchased by my father with his own savings in 1995).my wife stays in this house for 7 days after marriage and after that she came with me to stay in Bangalore. Now she put a case against claiming her share in this house. This house is in the name of my father, me and my two brothers.