Mental harassment

My name is Anoop Shrivastava and I'm a employee in government gas rahat iti bhopal madhya pradesh and smt. Poornima Jain my senior employee mentally torture me daily since I employed and I don't know how to move forward. I don't know how to even live my life.. Now my condition become worst day by day and doctor's diagnosed that I have a serious case of Depression and Anxiety but when I tell her she takes advantage of my condition and now she started mentally harass me even more and I do my work senierly and follow every order then also she insult me in front of other staff and my students..Now I scared just from the thought of going to my workplace, my life become like hell .. suicide is on my mind everyday. .. she is elder than me so I'm not able to debate with her..but she daily find new new ways to mentally harass me.... I m also want to live normal and do my work sincerely but because of her my condition become serious day by day.. I desperately need some legal advice.. plz help me