Is it harassment or women rights violation ?

My girlfriend and me had consensual **x many times....she has agreed to this and i hav proof that she came accrdng to her consent and loved having physical relation with me..... later i found that she has been cheating on me since 4 months....even she got engaged.... i am still attached to her..... she pretends she loves me and wants to come back to me but at the same time she wants to remain enagaged to her fiancee... clearly she is cheating on me...neither she breaksup nor she stops texting me....and tells me every small emotional thing....she has also accepted clearly over text that she cheated on me knwingly ! so out of anger i had a fight over text on HIKE messenger....I SAID SHE IS PLAYING WITH MY FEELINGS AND I SAID TO HER I WILL INFORM HER PARENTS AND FIANCEE.... **** NO DEROGATORY LANGUAGE OR SLANGS HAVE BEEN USED BY ME THE MATTER COOOLED DOWN......and she told me to start a fresh innings with her....a new begining for both of us....despite being engaged....we had a fight again.... now she threatens me to slap a case of harassment and womens right violation..... QUESTION 1: so IS IT CRIME OR WOMEN'S RIGHT VIOLATION, HARASSMENT THAT I TEXTED HER , THAT I WILL INFORM HER PARENTS AND FIANCEE ABOUT HERSELF ? QUESTION 2: what can i do to protect myself of her false allegations !!