Aunt keeps on fighting

My uncke and his wife,my aunt, have 2 daughters. My uncle works with my father in grain shop. Whole expenses of the uncle`s family has been coordinated by my father. My uncle takes money from my father but never gives it to the aunt. So still after giving money to him, my father provides money for his daughters school fess, tutition fees. They live in our house, the whole electricity, landline bill, water and all other taxes are fill by my father. My aunt is a beautician with door to door service. She uses her money (50000rs per month she earn she claims while she fights with my uncle and abuses all the other family members) in buying clothes for her, sandals and all other unusefull stuff. SHe always claims that she dont get anything from this house (even after paying all her bills, providing her all the kirana i.e. rice wheat soap EVERYTHING), says that she will ask for divorce and many times says that she will file court case, commit sucide with our names on the note and many more things. Please help. What I can do? My father dont have time because he has to run his shop, but I know my aunt is planning something tody. She has been talking to a advocate for many days. Please help me.