I awarded 12,000 per month intrim maintenance without asking me

Dear advocates, I am the respondent for a case MC which is filed by my wife under 125crpc, first hearing on [deleted], her advocate recently prayed judge for Intrim maintenance ,judge asked me what u do? I said I'm running xerox machine,I can pay hardly 1 to 2 thousand per month, he gave a next hearing date on 29-4-2016 at that time I met an accident, after major operation to my leg and put rods in it, I submitted the court doctor certificates and necessary documents to request for needed bed rest, after some time again I went on [deleted] for hearing , its clearly showing on web status 'enquiry' but when I reach court along with my advocate I was shocked, that judge was retired on may 2016, before retirement he awarder 12,000 per month interim maintenance, I can't effort it, really I am an unemploye, I'm running a xerox machine, I'm getting 25,000 per month, I need to pay 5,000 to shop owner 4,000 to house rent, xerox machine powder and spares, paper bundles etc 10,000 remaining for other monthly expenses, I have to take care abt my retired father and old mother, my father retired from a private job, he is getting only 1,000 pension. Now I would like to how to fight it? For asking judge also he was retired, next judge may handover that awarded amount letter to me, if I go to high court also they may reduce up to 50%, even 6,000 also huge amount to me. Please advice me, I'm going into depression, I'm getting different thoughts, please somebody suggest me, even I'm ready to spend some time in jail, no issues to me, but after coming out if they amount what can I do? Help help please