Defamation, Dowry, mental harassment

I got married in 2007. My Father in law demanded 30 tula gold, electronic goods, furniture, gold gifts for their relatives and so on on occasion of my marriage. which my parents happily gave. But the torture started after that I have an elder brother who is a qualified settled doctor in USA. Me have a house and company in Mumbai. From Day 1 my father in law, sister in law and brother in law started forcing me sweetly to ask my parents to either given in my name or the Mumbai house for which I politely denied. Our's was a arrange marriage my father in law happens to be retired Regional Director. His younger son is 8th fail and daughter is 5 fail. He started making things clear that the money which he has is just for his younger son and daughter and if my parents want to see roof on me they will have to transfer the house or company to my name. My father who is a heart patient protested and said my in law that he will file a case of demanding Dowry on my in laws and as I was pregnant in my 7 mnth my parents took me with them in Mumbai for delivery, In December. But phone calls didnt stop my father in law made it clear that he wont allow me to enter the house if I dont bring the Mumbai flat papers or company paper along with me. My Dad was fully prepared to file a case due to all these harassment going for past 5 years. In these 5 years of marriage I had spend maximum time in Mumbai due to pressure in my husband's house. Worst happened and my Dad got a brain stroke he had a memory loss and paralysis. In Feb 2013 I delivered a baby boy and on Jan 25 my dad got a stroke. But no one from my in laws turned him nor at the time of my Father's attack nor on my son's birth except my husband who was there on both occasions. He went against his father and decided to stand with me and my family in rough times. But his father got very angry when we return to Delhi he had already filed a fir and an article in paper claiming that he has disown his son and daughter in law and 1 month old grand son from his property as they have threaten to kill him, his mother and younger son. The moment we went to our Delhi house unaware of these things there was a police constable sitting at our house and his father told my husband to write in front of police that on mutual understanding he is withdrawing the case and told me that I cant come inside the house unless I bring money from my family. I told the constable that he is demanding dowry in front of you but he said that there is no case filed against him of dowry rather there is a FIR against you that he has threat to life from you. I had no option it was night 2 clock and considering situation at my place wherein my father was still in ICU and my son was hardly 30 days old in mnth of Feb I decided to agree my father in law's terms which were the property which I will get from my parents I will give as a Gift Deed to my brother in law and I will give all my Streedhan i.e jewelry of 30 Tullas to my brother in law on his marriage. In Sep my brother in law got married to a ST girl in court and I was forced by my father in law and brother in law to give away my entire jewelry. Then they forced me to call my family for property money. I refused to do so but later my husband went for an offical tournament in sikkim and before leaving he said his father he has given all gold and cash he has and will apply for govt quarter so plz dont harrass my wife and son. The moment he left we have a servant at our house he was sent for vacation. My father in law, brother in law and sister in law had beaten me so badly that I couldnt feed my son too. My husband called me but the ph was with my sister in law and my 8 mnths son was on mercy of my brother in law so I didnt uttered a word against them. 2 days passed by My mother called up my father in law kept the ph on speaker my mothet told they are planning to sell the company as they are short of finance as my father's treatment had already cost near about 12 lacs and monthly expenses of his medication is costing 30000 my brother in law got so angry and disconnected the call started using abussive language said he wants a house in Noida that too 2 and half BHK either I bring money from my parents or he will sell my son. I was told to bring money in cash his father came along with me. My mother insisted to give cheque under my name but my father in law politely denied stating that he is buying this house for his grand son and already having 60% white money so need this money cash so that he can make downpayment, My mother gave 12 lacs at one go just thinking she is building a house for his nathi. But I couldnot say her that they are just taking money from her and buliding proprties for his nikkama son who beats me every day. I decided to work again I am post graduate first class at an odd age of 30 when normally girls quit career or acheive a balanced career I started my career. My husband assured me that if we both work we can live better and slowly can rent a house. My in laws refused to keep my son in home when I was away though we had a servant but he has denied from doing any work for us from cleaning room, to washing clothes, food etc, we were supposed to do it on our own or else I was supposed to bring a Fortuner Car from my house which my husband denied.Now I have decided enough is enough and have gained back my self confidence now I want Justice. Dont know how would I proof things but no matter how difficult things are I will fight I want my in laws behind bars