Hi i am mahesh. i am from ap. i am looking for a better suggestion for divorce. my marriage is happen on feb 12 2016.my marriage is a forced marriage by girlfriend. me n my girlfriend used to date for 2 years in period of 2 years we had physcial contact also n later i came to know she had another wrost realtionship with other guy and that guy is harssing her now in the present and in the past also in very rude manner (statting that my wife and he got married before me ) and me with him after some many conversation over the phone he sent some nude pics of them in their previous relationship but he not providing any marriage proof. and secondly my wife meantality is rude and dominating character which i has to do under her saying . even if had i go out i have to take her premission other wise it will be 3rd world war in our home. and how our marriage is happen means ..before marriage also she used to very rude to me in diffrent manners at all time so i thought to break up with her but in the end she planned very well n made me to her pregant n later she aborted naturally but basing on dis she given a written complaint in PS all over our family members even though she didnot meet my family members in personal or live while in our dating time. all she did is garbing info about my family members. i fear off if that written complaint will filled as FIR some of family members are govt emply. i thought it may effect to their carrier so married her. because of cheating marriage my family members left me alone.. now i am living with her only.. we two living sperate .. i told her i am not at all intrested in you i will get divorce after 1 year.. but here is intresting thing about her she DEVILS WITH BRAIN.y i am saying this she used to check my phone and house and mails every day. she is very dominating women i never seen. she is again planning to ruin my life along with my family members.. so if there is anyone with good and safe divorce suggestion .. please let me know