Mutation of land

Dear sir greeting following are submitted herewith for your legal and expert advice: A property was purchased in the year apr 2012 with proper investigation and applied for mutation. However a third person which do not have any right has submitted an application claiming that this land is mine. Honourable tahsildar court has given time to submit the proof of documents in regard of claiming. So far the person has not submitted any proofs. He is only trying to prolong the case by transferring from one court to an other and taking date. Court has given ample time and three last chance to submit the documents. But due to some influence with the court judgement is still pending. In this regard we have approached to District Magistrate for early action but all is vein. In this connection I would like to know the following:- (a) Where should I approach for early settlement. (b) What are the rules in this regard. (c) Can I direction with time bound to be issued from High Court? (d) We belong to SC however the complainant belong to upper cast ( Pandit) and having local influences (e) is there any law against harassment to be lodged? please advice us for further proceedings