Medical Reimbursement Rejected By Religare Co & Insurance Ombudsm

I took online health insurance policy from Religare Co. for my mom (her age was 55) in Dec 2012 and while filling the online form I must have answered "No' for the Qn "Has any previous disease", although my mom was suffering from Hepatitis C in the year 2008 and after doing treatment it got relapsed in mid of 2009. I had paid 3 premiums till Dec 2015. I had not done any claim for 2 years and in 3rd year claimed for Gall stones surgery. I asked Religare customer service via phone and email if i can claim for this surgery (also informing them that she was having Hepatitis C). They said i can file for reimbursement claim as i was eligible for this after 2 years of premium payment. Surgery was done and I filed for reimbursement. But Religare rejected it stating it was 'Non-Disclosure' of Hepatitis C when policy was taken online. I explained them a lot by calls and emails that i am claiming for Gallstones Surgery and it was nothing to do with Hepatitis C.But their grievance team still rejected it stating that they would have not given me policy if i would have declared Hep C initially. I filed complaint at Insurance Ombudsman and they too rejected my claim with same reason of Non-Disclosure. So is there anyway i can re-approach Insurance Ombudsman as the Officer was completely biased towards Religare. Else can i file case against Religare in Consumer Court. Can someone please help me with the entire procedure.Thanks