Husband wants to rejoin after filing divorce

I was married to a man in Feb 2011. He sent me away to my home just after I became pregnant in six months time and while we tried to patch during my pregnancy period, he shifted the house,changed his phone number. No matter we reached my laws they did not reveal the whereabouts. He filed divorce in April 2012 and the case is still on. We both have not yet been cross examined. His's is awaiting. Last date, when I was there my advocate called me and said that they are ready for settlement and if the court asks for he wanted me to tell them that I would consult it with my lawyer and give out the amount. It was a passover and when I came out my husband;s counsel told me that my husband wants to rejoin. I was shocked at this response, as even during the previous visits to court he despised to even see my face. I wanted a clarification from him and his lawyer asked him to speak to me. He said that past is past and that he wants to rejoin but started accusing me like before for all that I did not do. And he also started saying that I was not flexible, manipulative, chauvinistic, and I need to change, his people don't like me, and I am required to stay in a village and that I should only listen to him and his people and not talk with my family. He also said that he will not compel if I decide I do not want reunion. I was also surprised that not once he asked about the child during our conversation. Now I am confused why he did so suddenly spoke of reunion while have proposed settlement to my lawyer before? Andwhen we spoke not onesecondI got a feeling that he was genuinely looking for wanting me or my child in his life back and still was accusing me and spoke as though he is giving me a second chance. I am so confused whether to reunite or not. Is there a way where I could give the case a pause and then try for a period of 6 months and then decide? Or if I say no for reunion will he reduce the settlement amount? For four years he never bothered what me or my child would do and I do not know why he suddenly plays game? My counsel simply told me if I want to live with him or not I need to decide and let him know. I am troubled. Please help me.