How much share my aunt will get?

Respected sir; My grandfather have 6h.46 r ancestral land on 7/12 extract (4.81 +1.65) 1)gate no. 220/2a 4.41 .40 Total 4.81 Aakar 9.10 paise 2 )gate no.220/2b 1.65 Aakar 5rupees 3)gate no.139 0.63 .1 Total 0.64 Aakar 2 ruppees This is purchased by grandfather on name of my uncle.raghu 4th)property is ancestral home . My grandfather(80) have 2 son 1 daughter. After grandfather death in 1995 .my father(35 at that time) divide land 4h.81 r in his name and another part 1.65 + 0.64 and ancestral home given to my ancle raghu(33age) in 1999 Feb.keeping other rights in favour of my aunt you suman .record 1272 After dividation my father with help of talathi officer transfered property on my mother's name. Keeping other rights to my aunt suman.record 1292. My uncle sale 220/2b 1.65 to another person in 2008.(suman left her share and gave sign for removing her rights before selling by him)&he gave us notice that dividation not agreed by him .give his1/2 share from 4.81 r land. He filed case against us(not directly) with help of my aunty. Aunty asked for share in 2009 by notice.she is married in 1984 .she field case against two brothers and my mother. After that in 2010* 0.64 gate no 139 also sale by both of my uncle raghu and registered sale deed .my father also in favour of them given affidavit in court that he is not agree with mutation record 1292 which gives ownership right to my mother. Questions 1 whether dividation of properties is done legally ;equally; valid. 2 does my mother is legal owner. (On 7/12 extract she is a owner and other rights are in favour of my aunty ) 3 how much is share of our mother / my as we are 2 brother and one sister after my father death in 2015.