False 498 A, DV Dowry against me and my parents and sibling

Hi, My wife has filed a false 498A, DV (I don't know the IPC) and sexual abuse case against my brother. She used to threaten me that she can file a false case against 498A that is why I am aware of this IPC. So she came to my home to threaten me, hit me, abuse my family and ruin my family's peace. I never felt that she has come to my home to live with me. She always use to threaten me to file this case and that case, her father use to visit our place and threaten us that he may kill everybody and our case will be featured in TV Shows like Savdhan India. What I wanted from her 1. She used to make issue of enything and everything. Like for example on one fine day I was getting late to the office so I had my breakfast, which of course my mother cooked as she used to wake up late, before she could finish her as she was chatting on whatsApp. So she lost her cool and spilled the milk on the table. I asked her the reason so she shouted at me saying Tujhe pata nahi tha main breakfast kar rahi thi, tu utha kyo mujhse pehle? I said I am getting late, so I have to rush to the office, she responded to kya hua 5 min me kya ho jaata... She then started abusing my parents. To this I was shocked. I was just unable to relate to her what had she said. She was misbehaving with me and abusing my family and spilled the milk and then called her Parents saying ye ladka bahut bura hai, yahan shaadi kyo kardi? 2. Later after a couple of days, I spoke to her calmly, I tried to make her understand that whatever you did was not required at all and things like this should not happen again because we are very educated people and we even if we are not happy with something. We can always talk it out. We really do not need to create scene like these. To my surprise she agreed and promised me not to repeat these things in future. 3. After 2 days when I asked her not to eat curd and milk at the same time because it is not good for health. So she said you are keeping a tab on my food. I am free to eat anything and everything. You are nobody to intervene. I told her consuming milk and curd simultaneously is not considered good so I out of concern I am recommending you not to eat both at a time. You may have both but not simultaneously and I am your husband that is why I am concerned , that's all. But she again started abusing me and my family that you people are miser. You guys can't afford me. Your father can not match what my father has done. Tum logo ki aukaat bhi nahi hai... tumhara baap to itna mehhnga gadda bhi nahi khareed sakta sirf Rs 12000 ki aukaat hai uski, she said. I asked her , what is this? How are you behaving. She said, behave ki kya baat karta hai tujhe aur teri family ko aise aise case me fasa doongi ki fir pata chalega. 4. These are a few instances only, once I asked her what do you want me to. What will make you happy. Please tell me. So she said, kill you mother that is what I want. This really made me go crazy and I cried like a kid the entire day, Because my parents had always taught me not to touch women, they are sacred creatures of god. We should respect them. 5. I was really confused what kind of creature is this who wants to kill my mother and does not respects me at all. I have been feeding her, taking her out. I feel proud to be with her. Why can't she feel the same? Why is she so harsh? Why is she so rude? Why can't she be normal, everybody else is getting married . Everyone is happy. Why is she threatening me? 6. Later I did, which I never wanted to do. I moved out of my parents home and took a flat on rent nearby. As soon as she reached there she started abusing me and my family and strictly warned me that she want my father's property to be on her name otherwise she won't stay with me rather she will file false cases against me. 7. Somehow, I made her agree to stay there. She stayed there for sometime but now since she thought she might not get anything from my father neither I am allowing her to meet my parents so she forced me to have a baby, otherwise either she will leave me or commit suicide. I told her that our financial condition is not so strong, so we will have a baby after sometime as discussed during honeymoon. But she was not ready to understand anything. She asked me to ask my father to name his property to her name. 8. By now, I was clear that she is not there for me. She is only acting to be my wife, she has wrong intentions and has come to my life for purpose as her father had never supported and abused my family and me several times. 9. Now, she has filed false cases against me and my family for demanding dowry and hitting her. She has also filed a case against my brother as in front of everybody in the family he tried to tore her clothes. 10. The case is in women cell, when she went there the IO was pretty convinced with her that she is not narrating the truth. Since she thought she might not be able to convince the she has now filed another case against my family and my brother that they have tried to tore her clothes recently and pushed her down. 11. Now what should I do in the situation?