Marriage and divorce

Sir, as I was married on 5th November 2015, n from around 20 days they started torturing me I did not bring anything from my side, and started to quarrel in every single thing, me n my husband was happy for 2 months of our marriage, but after that my in laws started to give Ill advices on phone to my husband and he started abusing and started beating me for small things, n they all forcing me to do the job n should not sit idle and enjoy on my husband's money. As my in laws live in Mumbai n we live in Bangalore coz my husband works in a an IT company we use to visit my in laws place these all incidents happened, On may 1st may mother called me and told doctor adviced her to get admitted asap, so I wanted to visit and take care of my mother after getting operated for the fistula. Therefore I asked my husband to visit my mothers place he refused to send me but after repeated requests by my father he agreed n sent me on 9th may, on coming over here he started to quarrel n use filthy language to me without any reasons I avoided it and hoped for the gud to happen with me and my husband. When everything was settled my mom got operated n discharged, I said my husband to take me back to home but he directly refused and told me he want divorce and stopped talking to us and blocked us all n avoided us for no reasons, sent a 1st divorce message through whatsapp on 16th June, 2016, there we went to Bangalore to ask for the reasons they r giving all lame excuses that I dnt cook and fall sick and all kind. And told my father to take me back to home, and settle the matter after eid, but again they sent a letter on 16 July stating 2nd talaq. I dnt know what step I have to take further, as we r not financially strong. And feel helpless. Plz advice