Gratuity eligibility in the case of dismissal

Dear Sir, On 6th july 2014, we lost Rs.35000/- from our home. My father borrowed Rs. 35000/- on 5th July 2014 for the purpose of renovating our recently purchased house. Next day morning, he left for duty at 5am. We were staying in a rented house in Visakhapatnam and on 06th July 2014, the owner of our house kept two persons for marble polish in one of the rooms. My mother not knowing that my father kept Rs. 35000/- gave that room for the work and left for a family function with my brother. When my father returned from duty, he didn't find the money. When he questioned the workers, they kept quiet but the owner was supporting them instead of supporting us. In the evening, my father gave police complaint in writing. Infront of the police, they agreed that they have taken money. They have given in writing also that they will return the amount. On the next day, police constable said that they lost the letter. Suddenly, the police started supporting them. They used to call us everyday in the morning as well as evening and let us wait there but they never called those thieves. It was as if we have done a mistake. On pleading them to do justice, they said they will talk to them and arrange to give Rs. 15,000/-. My father didn't agree to it. He said when I lost Rs. 35000/- how can I accept Rs. 15000/-, Why they will not return my amount. SI was telling us that justice should be done to both the parties. Why he wanted to do justice to those thieves, I didn't understand, very well knowing that they have stolen the amount. They even agreed that they have taken the money and given to the house owner (lady). The house owner's husband is very influential, they run a pollution vehicle and also works as a broker for RTO office. They have many contacts in police dept. Police themselves agreed that they are pressurizing them with calls from superior officers. We asked them to file an FIR. They were not willing to file FIR. We met the MLA and let him spoke to the SI and then he filed FIR on 28th July 2014 on the two workers and house owner. But he asked to give a written complaint again. When we told him that we already gave a complaint, he told to give fresh complaint and told me to write the complaint. I asked him why I should write but he yelled at me and insisted that I should write the complaint. I was not even in town when this happened, I was in my in-laws house to see my new born baby. After coming to know about this incident, I came back to vizag on 11th July 2014. I understood one thing that he was targeting me for meeting the MLA. After almost two years, today we received a notice from police dept. Form no.96 (notice to the complainant) but it is dated 31st Aug 2014. The police constable asked me to sign on the back page. I signed and kept today's date on it. In that notice it is written as "pls take notice that your complaint under section penal code 380 IPC has been charge-sheeted before the Magistrate of III ACMM Gajuwaka, and found to be false and that if u want to oppose this report, you have to report to the Magistrate within a week of its receipt. Request you to please guide me the next course of action. We understood that we are not going to get justice and we don't want to receive more torture from these people, we want to lead a peaceful life. We had a very bad experience with the police. I didn't understand why we are receiving this notice after 2years and what if we ignore this notice. Does that imply that we have given wrong complaint and we will be punished for that. With thanks & regards, Surya Prakash, [deleted] / [deleted]