Seeking divorce option from abusive wife

I am married for 6 months out of which my wife was living with her parents for first one and a half month as I am living in a different city away from our hometown. After that, she took a transfer and since then living with me. My life has become hell since the day she came here. She has been verbally & physically assulting me for one or the other reasons which are mostly related to money. I have literally spend all my savings & salary on our living although she is also working and earning well. I have got multiple wounds on my face, hands, arms, etc. due to her physical assault for which I have the pictures of the wounds as proof. Apart from this, she has also torn more than 5 of my clothes while I was wearing them during the physical assault. She also forces me to take money from my parents on monthly basis so that we can lead a "luxurios life". When I deny this, she verbally abuses me & my parents and starts the physical assault. When I try to defend myself by pushing her away, she starts screaming on top of her voice so that neighbours can hear her. She has also cleared her intentions of lodging a false case against me and my parents for dowry & dometic abuse - none of which is true. Kindly advice how can I take this forward by ensuring the case goes in my favour?