Regarding divorce

Sir, I am a doctor and in private practice. My wife is also a doctor and in government job. We are married since 2009 november. I have a5 yrs old daughter also. We are in seperation from february 8 , 2016. She allways thought that I had relationship with many girls which was not correct. For that reason she had no proof. But it was hard to make her understand that I was loyal to the marriage. We had no conjugal life between us as husband and wife for more than two years. For last 4 to 5 month before seperation her behaviour towards me was unbearable. For that reason i told her to be seperated and get divorce on january this year. In the mean time i came in contact with a lady. We decided to marry after getting my divorce. Now my wife is living in her father's house. She took my daughter. She admitted my daughter in a school there as single mother's child. She is not allowing any of my family member to meet my daughter. Regarding divorce she demanded 65 lakhs ruppees as allumony otherwise she willnot take any step towards divorce. Now the question is what should I do ? If I go for divorce contest then what will be my ground ? What kind of harrasement or charges she can claim against me ?