What kind of property and how much property can my mom claim?

My great-grandfather had possessed 63 acres of agriculture land and had 9 male children. My grandfathe(gf) had got a share of 7 acres of land and he self acquired 5 acres. Total asset of my grand father came to 12 acres and he died in 1973. My gf had 5 children out of which 2 are male and 3 are female. My moms 4th sibling. All property and khatha is in the name of eldest son of my gf. Two male sons of my gf has acquired too much wealth which amounts in hundreds of cores. They have raised to such height using gf property as base. 5 siblings of my gf are Hindu undivided family. Property is also undivided. Few portoion of property is sold and has hung up in an unregistered state by buyers. Left out property includes 5 acres of gf self acquired property and 2 acres of gf ancestral property. In the light of clarification given by Honorable Supreme Court on the amendment of HSA 2005. How much property my mom can claim. Can she also claim property earned by her brothers as we stand still as Hindu undivided family. If my mom legally retires from the Hindu undivided family by just getting possession of 2 acres land. Can she claim any further property in future. Or can I(son of female sibling of my gf) claim any property asking for proper division of property including property owned by 2 male siblings of my gf.