Safeguard for husband if wife denies mutual consent divorce later

Hi my marriage is 9 months old (less than 1 year), and me and my wife have at present accepted mental incompatibility and no fault divorce. Please advise: 1. Can we file a mutual consent divorce before 1 year of marriage; if generally not, are there any exception precedents? 2. Is there any safeguard i can take before 1 year so in case she denies mutual consent later on: something like separation agreement or judicial separation agreement? 3. What is the validity of such a document in future divorce proceedings? And can it be done by one lawyer (for both husband and wife) And does it needs to be executed in court? 4. What all i MUST include in such document? 5. Would making such document help in future court proceedings? 6. My wife says she wants to leave for her place forever, what safeguard should i as a husband take? 7. After one year, is there a precedence by which we can cut short 6 months further reconciliation? 8. Can any of you suggest a good mutual consent divorce lawyer in Kolkata.