Joint Commercial Property

Me and my Sister husband have purchased a commercial property in 2002, since i was out of country, I registered it in my wife name, we constructed it in 2006 and have rented, now we have issues due to daily maintenance with my Sister husband. He is not ready to take care of any maintenance and is now asking us to sell the property to him or buy, they want to separate, he and all our family members are pressuring us to sell the property to them, they are asking us to buy or sell to them, we are getting decent rent, not in a position to sell as well buy, we do not want to take the risk making loan to buy and also do not want to loose the place and property, we are getting regular pressure to separate from my sister and other family members, today they are telling we will go to the court and ask for a separation, we wil get the property actioned and take our money The plot is 4000sft with 10000sft built area, Please let me know how the legal possibilities on the same, please guide me on the situation