Family dispute

I m 33 yr old married from 10 yrs having a daughter 9 yr old...we r a happy n loving family.... my husband loves me n my daughter n cares for us bt he is very short tempered.....whenever I discuss my problems related to his parents or sister he doesn't like it....initially he used to support me bt from a year he doesn't even want to listen abt them n tells only one thing if u hv problems divorce me....initially never raised my voice never argued or never back answered to his parents...infact I did everything for them which their son didn't do. I never told him anything what partial behaviour they r doing with me for the first 8.5 yrs....I use to behave very normal in front of my husband as if nothing when it's high time of my tolerance I started telling my husband bt my behaviour was same with everyone in the family that is humble n respectful..... bt now the situation is different..I m tired of listening abt divorce which I don't want bcoz of my daughter.....if he files for divorce n I don't want to because there r no such big issues...then can he force me to get out of the house....or will divorce will be valid if I don't want it