How to Protect my Self from 498A and after Talaq issued

My name is Mohammed ABdul Rahman Javeed and I am belongs to , Telangana state , currently residing in Saudi Arabia , I need your support to solve an issue of Divorce which has being pending since two years This was my second marriage as I married to the Daughter one of our local person by Name: Mohammed Abdul Gafoor (details given Later) Without any thing dowry etc. (as per islam ) to a poor family girl without my concert as my parents forced me and tortured me mentally to do the nikah with their selected girl I dislike her when I saw her at first site but my mother tortured me mentally to complete the nikah we saw her on Friday and Sunday the nikah was fixed with presence of 15 persons from their side and 30 persons from my side. And after nikha I did not make any physical relation with her as I don’t like her. And I came back to Saudi for my job within 10 days of nikah performed in India. And after this thing she tortured me on phone that I have to call her brother to Saudi for job and has to send monthly expense to her mother and father to feed them and when I say no to his demand she threatened me to put dowry case on me and I went to india after one year to attend my brother marriage I tried to convince her but she said iam a relation ship with my ex boy friend and got pregnant with him and recently got abortion still you want to make relation then no problem, then I said I will not tolerate this thing my leave was supposed to Finish so I don’t want to make any nuisance in India and I came back to Saudi and gave divorce to her by writing my concern in a white paper with my signature and verbally said to her three time divorce ( Talaq) but still she is warning and demanding me of huge money ,, what can I do please give me your feedback and my parents are favor to her