Need help of yours to get the resolution

Dear sir I done a love marriage on 13th Dec 2015.she loved me a lot..but she always said me don't go without me on ur work my mom and dad is staying with us Bro n sis are out for their jobs.she didn't like to stay with my parents.she always told me that without me she will nit b able to live.always she tried to stay with me apart of my family..she always treating me that if u go out of then I will do suicidesomething like that always.for these reason we had a shot ed together as well.i also slapped on her 2 ot 3 times.but not in very hard hit.she said she will go to her home .We called her brothers and they came at my house and they said we are taking r sister n after 10 days we will make her understand and we will returned her .now they are saying that we will not send at ur place for at least 4 months. My wife also changed her behaviour way of talking everything .she is going according to their I think she may do a flash case aginst me in future as well because her parents are very bad behaviour persons.if she don't want to stay with my parents and a she don't want to take care of my parents i shud not stay and I ddon't want as well.if in will put a divorce case what I shud do and if she will put a false case against me as per their parents what step I shud take.