Case filied

Dear Sir/Mam, I(Ankush) have a query related to Land transactions actually we have 20 acres of land in prime locality and we sold the 20 acres to My friend (A-Sanjay)and partners (B-Krishna & C-Mohan) But the agreement made in written only for B&C (B-Krishna & C-Mohan) as per the A(Sanjay)in orally told to me). B&C given us some amount(1crore) we registered the land 6acres out of 20acres to B & A' son and also to "A". But they given a amount for 11.75 acres for remaining(5.75acres) we r ready to register. after fews days few went to high court and brought a stay not to register the lands. due to high court order the land registration had stopped and we are unable to register the land of 5.75 acres amount paid by them. After 6 six years the land rates increased more than 20 times now Mr. A-sanjay wantedly Pushed Krishna and Mohan went to court that i(Ankush) il legally sold 3acres to A-Sanjay with out knowing us (Krishna and Mohan). They putten a case on me u/s 148 and 151 cpc. We asked them how much they paid for 11 acres we are ready to register the land after approval from High Court. for the balance 9Acres we told we wont register or Pay interest for lapse of time. We accepted in written that the facts that we have taken the amount and even after apse of time due to request by them. Kindly assist how to get on it from this situation. Kindly help us