Forged document submitted in the court by a judge

My father bought a property (plot) by 2009 (survey number 62/8A). But by 2010, a session judge claims that it is her property. Her claim is that her father has bought this property by 1995 and through gift settlement she has got it by 2008. She submits the photo copies of sale deed document (1995) and gift settlement document(2008) and registered a case in district Municipal court by 2010. 3 years before, we came to know that the sale deed document(1995) she submitted in the court is forged. The original document has the survey number as 62/8C. But she has forged the survey number as 62/8A and claims that its her property. We have got the certified copy of the original document (sale deed 1995 containing 62/8C) from the district registrar. Since she is a judge, she is not allowing the case to proceed, only adjournment for all these days. we have even received a direction from DRO to close the case within 3 months, but there is no proceedings. We didn't even received a chance to explain that the document submitted by her is fake. Please let us know what has to be done to fasten this case. Is it possible to make a complaint or grievance in District court or hight court. Can we file a RTI regarding this, will it help to solve this issue. Interesting fact that there is no such plot exists in the survey number 62/8C. Her father was cheated by some one in 1995 and now they have forged the document (sale deed-1995) as 62/8A and claim it as theirs.