Cruelty by wife

Married(arranged) since 2013.From the beginning itself my wife started creating hue and cry on every petty thing.Initially I thought that being an arranged marriage things would improve with time.But it is getting worst by the day.She has become abusive to the lowest level and started getting physical with me to provoke me.She always accuses me of having affair with other women starting from office staff,ladies in my apartment,ladies jogging in the park.She always blames my family members for conspiring without truth and uses abusive language for them especially for my mother.I informed her father,mother,brother,brother in law,maternal uncle,they all had come to my residence on several occasions and assured me that she would be behaving in proper manner but of no avail.Things improve only for a week and then back to same.I am ready for divorce but she does not.I am even ready live separately and pay for her cost but she does not.She belongs to a well off family and after every fight she weaves fictional stories and convinces her family successfully that all faults lies in me and my family and never accepts her fault.Because of this kind of tensions I have become a patient of hypertension. Our relationship becoming acrimonious by day.The unfortunate thing is that I don't have froof of all she has done on several occasions except a couple of voice recording. The legal laws(dowry act,domestic violence act) all are grossly in favour of women and she and her family members are using it as threat and neither giving divorce nor separation.How to get rid of this abusive marriage?What are the legal options before me?can I take help from police?can photograph of the wounds she inflicted will help?