Can I FIle Case Against Micromax in Consumer Court

Sir, I purchased a Micromax phone for Rs 6000 on June 6. On July 3, the phone stopped working. It won't switched on. I took the phone to service center of Micromax on July 5. They told me that it has some motherboard issue and would be sent to company for repairs. 12 days later I went to receive my phone yesterday and when I was checking it on the service center, it died once again in just 10 minutes. The service center is saying same thing again and have sent it for repairs. I contacted Micromax to replace my phone or issue refund since it didn't even last one month. They say its against their policy. I asked for assurance that phone will be repaired this time around. They refused. They only say that if the phone can't be repaired then they will replace it but not with new phone. I asked them to replace since phone could not be repaired but they say refused. I asked if the phone could not be repaired this time, will they replace. They once again refused. Sir I bought this phone for my sister who just got a job. Now I am in situation where I will have no buy another phone for her. Can I file case against Micromax in consumer court. Do I have the case to go to court?