Employment Bond

I joined XXXX Intech in Feb 2016 and while joining signed a Bond on 100 Rupees stamp paper which says Know all men by these presents that I [My Name] S/D/o Sh. [Father Name], residing at [My Residential Place], bind myself to XXXX Intech Limited (Company) having its registered office at XXXX Building, 1st Floor, Plot No. XX-XX, Sector - XX, XXX XXXXXXX, XXXX Mumbai - 400XXX, for the performance of below mentioned term and conditions. WHEREAS (i) I, [My Name], am at present working as XXXXXX XXXXXX in XXXX Intech’s Office at XXXXXXX, XXXX Mumbai. (ii) XXXX Intech Ltd. vide its letter dated 22nd FEB 2016 has appointed me as XXXXXX XXXXXX on account of having been selected through direct recruitment. (iii) I further agree that in the event of my resigning from service before expiry of the aforementioned 1 Year, I shall pay to the company on demand an aggregate amount of Rs. ONE LAKH, over and above other expenses Back side of bond paper incurred by the organization during the period of service viz, Organization’s contribution to PF, Gratuity and Medical Insurance, if any. (iv) The Company selected me for the aforesaid XXXXXX XXXXXX position and I, having agreed to the said term and conditions of employment of the company do hereby agree and undertake that I shall serve the company for minimum stipulated period of 1 year. (v) I also agree that my ability to pay liquidated damages as aforesaid shall be in addition to my obligation to pay compensation in the events of my failure to give notice as required under applicable staff rules of the organization, before discontinuing my service in the organization. (vi) The Bond Period is effective from my Date of joining the Organization on 22nd FEB 2016 IN WITNESES to the above-written bond and to all the term and conditions herein before contained I have signed hereunder this 22 day of FEB 2016 [My Signature] Now I want to resign and I am ready to serve 1 month notice as per the policy as on probation period, but just wanted to avoid bond amount to pay. In returns XXXX Intech will not provide me reliving letter nor experience letter. So what can be done to avail proper documents by avoiding bond amount payment?