Tahseel & bank harassment after insurance claim credit to my a/c

Hello Respected sir, • My name is Mohd. Shadab from Moradabad U.P India • we have very small unit of brass job work We got Rs 70000 loan under artisan scheme (ACC) in 2009 from ministry of textile. Central Gov. of India. (We have no any mortgage) So I start a job work unit with 2 people. • Gov. also covers this limit from insurance (here is the details) (Insurance coverage for accidental death. For beneficiaries Registered with Development Commissioner (Handicrafts): Coverage under group insurance scheme and the premium will be paid By the Government and beneficiaries in the ration of 60:40 respectively. Insurance scheme covering Artisans registered with DC (Handicrafts) is Enclosed vide ANNEXURE-A. ) • Our bank was PNB MORADABAD (SME) Branch Bank open 2 a/c in branch one is saving a/c and 2nd cc/od a/c After received loan I was properly deals from 2009-2012 in my cc a/c and bank deducts Interest and insurance premium time to time. From my cc/od. a/c. and bank deducts total interest approximately 22500.00 from my a/c during 2009-2012 In 2012 we have faced financial crisis in 2012 So my od a/c interest had been Rs. 2430.00 then bank send this to thaseel for recovery of the amt. 72430.00 (70000 OD+ 2430 interest) and tahseel amt. 7243. Total recovery amt. is 79673.00 in 2012 • 25 march 2013 we received an sms from bank your a/c has been credit from Rs.44625.00 from credit guarantee So I inquiry to branch for this and said please give my a/c statement. Bank manager analyze my a/c and said we can’t give you’re a/c statement I asked him about insurance they cannot give me any satisfy ans. and also stop my mobile sms service from bank So I ask toll free no. of bank they tell us you’re a/c has been credit 44625.00 from credit guarantee.(insurance) And many times I asked him about statement they said we can’t give you’re a/c statement. • And here tahseel (ameen) comes in Avery 15 day extremely rude and scarify to me we will send you to jail. • And when amen comes at my home then be spectacle and insisted • Present time I am in very critical condition and we are working salary basis job work in a local firm. So I am not able to pay this amt. I want to ask to all respected Lawyer. Government Given this loan for my supports and banks turn me on the road. I want to ask when my insurance claim has been credit to my a/c. then bank can taken back my recovery from tahseel?? What is in constitution bank can recover loan from both insurance and me? Please suggest me advice for the same.we will be much thankful. .