22 year case still Justice not to be seen

My mother, grand mother, and Great grand mother held property jointly post partition. The lands were not identified and left together. My grand mother constructed house within the 2/3 of land verbally confirmed as land for grand mother and my mother. One of our relative's husband, relative who hold the same relation with great grand mother same as of my mother took signature on a sale deed converted to gift deed in favour of 3 minor children. (Meaning land value quoted megere 2,400 Rs and mentioned she returned money back to them) The document had my mothers name mentioned wrong, Great grand mother was at the age of 80+ and was denied to sign any such document. They have cancelled the deed immediately and made a new deed same as what she mentioned during partition that post her death the property should go to her grand daughter and my grand mother (in case of anyone's death it will go to the survivor). The main partition happen in 1981 / My grand mother died in 1990 / the only person stayed in house was great grand mother alone. Can I give a fraud and theft case now after 22 years. As FIR can be filed by any person who is aware about the offence can file an F.I.R. It is not compulsory that he should be an aggrieved person. Regards Priya