Encroachment on evacuee property.

In front of my ancestral house in UP, there is a land which belongs to custodian of evacuee property. This land, which is between our house and main road belong to my father's relatives who migrated to Pakistan after partitions. From decades we were using it as our main exit to the road. There is also a public way connected to main road but to access main road with that public road takes longer time. Its a big land and some part is used by other muhalla walas for garbage dumping and there is also a electric pole. About 20 years, a neighbor with my fathers permission started business of renting patra, balli used in construction of houses. He encroched the land and our way also but we were using it anyhow. Now after my father demise, he stalled a wooden shop there and also plan to stop our way permanently. He is a uncivilized person, and we are not in talking terms. I am living in delhi. Our agriculture farms are there so we go there in two three months. Many people thinks that this land is ours because it is in front of our house and there is no other house which have direct access to this land. This man has no SHARAM, my father allowed him to do business but now he wants to close it for us. I am really angry to this person, and want to stop him from doing this. We have given application to DM and SDM but no response. Pls help me.