498a before marriage(no engagement also)

Hi, i have a close friend who met a girl in april,2016 through newspaper matrimonial ad.his parents also visited the girl and then said yes for marriage.but after talking to the girl,my friend realized that the girl has a lot of attitude.and he just cannot live with that girl.as of now,they have talked multiple times on phone and no ceremony has taken place.his parents have just given a small token gift to the girl. i am myself a fighter for men's rights but need some legal opinion. the girl's father is a very aggressive person and my friend fears that if he refuses for marriage,he would want to teach him a lesson.my questions are- 1.can they file any kind of legal case in this case?what is the maximum of trouble they can cause to my friend in worst case? 2.the girls chacha is a senior officer in central government.he also visited my friend and warned him of consequences.my friend is very scared.what can he do if they visit him again?will police listen to the boy or support central govt officer?