Car accident driver not cooperating

My aunt owns a yellow board ford feasta car.My uncle's father expired and they had to go to kerala from Karnataka immediately early morning as the news of his death was received late night.her regular driver was on leave and out of station so her neighbour came forward and told he can drive he showed his driving licence and my aunt took a copy from him too.our relatives constantly asked him if he can ride long distance.he told he is experienced and had worked in airport taxi too.on the way to Kerala the car hit a person crossing road he was injured badly the persons front tooth were broken and leg aunt her daughters too got injured as the car went down the ditch on the side of road after hitting person .driver was safe police was called and formality was done.police left my aunt and family and told the drivers arrest is registered so need to be aunts brothers reached the place and cooperated with police and did all paper work and bailed driver and my aunt took another taxi to company was informed immediately after police formalities .now the driver has changed his number and not cooperating to get insurance he is not giving showing documents to insurance COMPANY.he works in airport as ground staff.he changed his residence too.on cobtacting him at his job place he told he won't show his document's and don't involve him in the case .can we file complaint against him for not showing license and can we cancel bail or report this to nearest police station.what action can be taken in this situation.