Can I challenge high court stay on maintenance .

I got married in 2013 and due to some martial disputes my wife is not staying with me and has a kid of 2years. And she failed a DVC and FCMC cases on me in Jan-2014(till now 20 months). In the trail court sessions judge has granted 15000+10000 for both petitioners wife and kid. But I did not produce my salary certificates because I lost my job due to martial cases. Later by the time I got job to submit the bank statements and payslips judge gave the judgment for 25000 which is not bearable because I joined as contract employe and drawing only 30000/- . In this 17000 deducting for my home loan and proofs were marked In lower court. And we challenged in the high court with payslips and bank statements and judge issued the stay on maintence to 15000/- from the date of petition which is exactly 3 lakh rupees. So it is very highly impossible to me. So can I challenge this in Supreme Court or in the high court? Can you please suggest alternative to reduce the maintenance and to request the payment of maintence from the date of order.